21st century era greed do you agree

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It is listed as one of the seven deadly sins in the Catholic doctrines and yet, virtually every single person that inhabits this planet is guilty of it. Greed drives desire, desire turns to envy, and envy leads to the failure to appreciate and hold dear what one possesses.

21st century era greed do you agree

Qanqor 25 May Warning: Spoilers To me, this episode has always been the absolute nadir of the series. Like many episodes, this one is structured such that there is a main story, and a secondary story. The main story is about the Enterprise's big-deal mission to the Romulan neutral zone to find out what happened to its lost outposts.

The secondary story is about a few cryogenically frozen humans who they discover and revive. There are actually a couple problems with the secondary story. The first is that it swamps and dwarfs the main story. And frankly, who cares? While it's sort of interesting seeing how they deal with waking up centuries later, the fact is that we the viewers already have the meta-knowledge that these people aren't important and we're never going to see or hear about them again.

There's really no story about them, no plot, just watching them react in their different ways to their new lives. It all really goes nowhere. The other problem with the secondary story is the overt smug preachiness of it.

One of the 20th century humans is this straw-man caricature of a businessman, a typical leftist stereotype that serves as a tool for typical leftist bashing of business and capitalism. Sadly, the series specialized in this sort of thing in this era.

The original Ferengi were exactly the same thing. They journey to the neutral zone, find nothing, the Romulans show up and say "We're back! There is no story.

21st century era greed do you agree

There is no plot. The whole thing is a ludicrous waste of time. What damns this episode to eternal Star Trek hell is the fact that it was clearly written to be some kind of big cliff-hanger, except the next season's opener did not pick up and finish the episode.

There was no resolution, nothing went anywhere with any of this. And so I always remember this as the episode where absolutely nothing happened. And I detest it for that.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.Jan 27,  · Unions and Health and Safety Standards In Health and Safety on January 27, We forget the importnat history of the union.

In this era we often view unions as a negative entity. «Before What Roles do Unions Have in the 21st Century? January 27, Yet the 20th century was in many other ways a new age. Politically, it produced universal suffrage, communism, socialism, facism, nationalism, republican progressivism, while technology placed in our embrace automobiles, airplanes, television, computers and .

Nov 20,  · What happened on the 8 th of November was truly disastrous. I remember in when Bush won with this program to re-launch Star Wars (the satellite nuclear missile defense system from the Cold War – didn’t happen in the end) and to go back to Iraq .

Sep 22,  · The 20th century was indeed the century of blood, and produced more martyrs than the Persecutions of Rome. That said, the 21st century is yet young, and should not be compared to centuries already closed in terms of bloodshed.

st C Education Economy - growing people through mobile apps and microfranchise servce networks - can generate 10 times more health and wealth than industrial era and greed-based advertising.

Paul Vermeersch’s beautiful new book of poems, Self Defence for the Brave and Happy posits that the 21st century will be through acts of imagination, dreams and daydreams, creativity, and even dissociation.

When you can’t trust anything, the poems argue, your imagination becomes the only valid interpreter of reality.