An analysis of anna j cooper a voice from the south

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An analysis of anna j cooper a voice from the south

Description and history[ edit ] The dome in Januaryas seen from the new elevated station. The last section of the old dome, before it was removed the next day. The dome in the background was dismantled in — The main entrance to the former geodesic dome ramped down from the surface level.

The base of the dome was originally at the surface level of the ice cap, but the base had been slowly buried by snow and ice. An aerial view of the Amundsen—Scott Station in January The older domed station is visible on the right-hand side of this photo.

A photo of the station in the night.

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The new station can be seen at the far left, the electric power plant is in the center, and the old vehicle mechanic's garage in the lower right. The green light in the sky is part of the aurora australis.

An analysis of anna j cooper a voice from the south

It is continuously inhabited. Scottwhose British expedition of five men reached the South Pole about one month later in January in a race to become the first person ever to reach the South Pole.

All of Scott's expedition perished during the journey back towards the coast, while all of Amundsen's expedition returned safely to their base on the seacoast of the continent. The original Amundsen—Scott Scientific Station was constructed during November to carry out part of the International Geophysical Year IGY of scientific observations during throughand the station has been continuously occupied since then.

As of [update]this station lies within meters feet of the Geographic South Pole. Each of the installations containing these central units has been named the Amundsen—Scott South Pole Station. Snow accumulation is about 60—80 millimetres 2.

The station stands at an elevation of 2, meters 9, feet above sea level on the interior of Antarctica's nearly featureless ice sheet, which is about 2, meters 8, feet thick at that location. The average wind speed is 5.

The station was constructed by U. The buildings were constructed from prefabricated 4x8 foot modular panels. Exterior surfaces were four inches thick, with an aluminum interior surface, and a plywood exterior surface, sandwiching fiberglass.

Skylights were the only windows in flat uniform roof levels, while buildings were connected by a burlap and chicken wire covered tunnel system. The last of the construction crew departed on 4 Jan. Key components of the camp included an astronomical observatory, a Rawin Towerweather balloon inflation shelter, and a foot snow tunnel with pits for a seismometer and magnetometer.

The lowest average temperatures recorded by the group were in the s F. They were originally built on the surface, with covered wood-framed walkways connecting the buildings. The station was demolished in Decemberafter an equipment operator fell through the structure doing snow stability testing for the National Science Foundation NSF.

One served as the entry to the dome and it had a transverse arch that contained modular buildings for the station's maintenance, fuel bladders, power plant, snow melter, equipment and vehicles.

Individual buildings within the dome contained the dorms, galley, rec, post office and labs for monitoring the upper and lower atmosphere and numerous other complex projects in astronomy and astrophysics.

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The station also included the Skylab, a box-shaped tower slightly taller than the dome. Skylab was connected to the Dome by a tunnel. The Skylab housed atmospheric sensor equipment and later a music room.

During the — summers, the Seabees constructing the dome were housed in Korean War era Jamesway huts. A hut consists of a wooden frame with a raised platform covered by canvas tarp. A double-doored vestibule was at each end. Although heated, the heat was not sufficient to keep them habitable during the winter.

After several burned during the — summer, the construction camp was abandoned and later removed. However, in the — season, extra civilian seasonal personnel were housed in a group of Jamesways known as the "summer camp".

Initially consisting of only two huts, the camp grew to 11 huts housing about 10 people each, plus two recreational huts with bathroom and gym facilities. In addition, a number of science and berthing structures, such as the hypertats and elevated dormitory, were added in the s, particularly for astronomy and astrophysics.

During the period in which the dome served as the main station, many changes to United States South Pole operation took place.

An analysis of anna j cooper a voice from the south

From the s on, astrophysical research conducted at the South Pole took advantage of its favorable atmospheric conditions and began to produce important scientific results.T.S. Eliot was no stranger to classical literature. Early on in his life, due to a congenital illness, he found his refuge in books and stories, and this is where the classics-studded poem The Waste Land stems from.

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Drawing allusions from everything from the Fisher King to Buddhism, The Waste Land was published in , and remains one of the most important Modernist texts to date. Anna J. Cooper (Anna Julia), A Voice from the South Xenia, Ohio: The Aldine Printing House, An analysis of anna j cooper a voice from the south A Voice from the South, Karen Ann Johnson,.

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Likewise African American Review: Special Section on Anna Julia Cooper, Volume 43, Number 2, Spring (Edited by Shirley Moody-Turner) traces the trajectory of Cooper studies from A Voice from the South and beyond. Articles here take up Cooper’s contributions to social theorizing and ethical social relations, race and gender domination, critiques of racial representation, social and economic . Sitemap