An analysis of the work of scientist

While basically accurate, this explanation involves liberal use of illustration and, in some cases, over-simplification. Although intended to be informative, this is brief and incomplete explanation of a complex subject. The author suggests consulting the scientific literature for more rigorous details and alternative views.

An analysis of the work of scientist

In his year scientific career he was always a very active member of the thermal analysis community. Afterwards he had several positions at the university as assistant and associate professor before joining the National Research Council of Spain, where he eventually became full professor in Criado always has an international vision of science.

Moreover, he was always willing to accept international students and visitors to his lab that, at the end become part of his family. Therefore, there was always an international atmosphere in the lab. Criado was an enthusiastic scientist. Research was for him much more than a job, it was a passion and he was a tireless worker that spent most of his life at the lab or reading papers and scientific books at home.

He had an amazing memory and could remember results from experiments that were done decades ago. Thus, he had a deep knowledge of solid-state chemistry, thermal analysis and kinetics, which he was willing to share.

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He was willing to discuss for hours with his coworkers. Overall, he was a very generous man that spent a great deal of energy teaching and mentoring young scientist.

Contact Information March 29, Introduction The key to getting better at deep learning or most fields in life is practice. Practice on a variety of problems — from image processing to speech recognition.

Therefore, it is not rare than a great deal of his former students, postdocs and coworkers have nowadays positions as researchers and professors not only in Spain but worldwide. Criado made important contributions to the fields of kinetics of solid state processes and reactivity of solids.

He publishes more than papers in international journals, some of them have made a deep impact in the scientific community with a significant number of citations.

In the field of kinetic of heterogeneous reactions, he pointed out the limitations of linear heating experiments for discriminating from a single curve the kinetic model.

He also extended the use of sample controlled thermal analysis, which he learned directly from Prof. Paulik, to the study of kinetics.

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He proposed several kinetic analysis procedures such as the use of master curves, combined analysis, deconvolution and so on that are now extended among the scientific community. Criado was also very fond of designing and constructed instruments for performing experiments under non-conventional conditions.

Thus, he constructed a huge number of sample controlled instruments using different methods for monitoring the sample and different heating procedures. He, also, modified and constructed, in collaboration with some engineering companies, high energy mills that allow working under controlled gas pressure for mechanosynthesis of compounds by gas-solid reactions.

An analysis of the work of scientist

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An analysis of the work of scientist

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In retrospect, I do not like the condescending tone of my comment, my apologies. I am mainly taking issue because of the strong title (“Data every data scientist MUST work . The North American Thermal Analysis Society offers scientists and practioneers the opportunity to explore the frontiers of thermal analysis, rheology, and materials characterization by participating in the NATAS Conference and Short Course.

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