An introduction to the analysis of the stroop effect

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An introduction to the analysis of the stroop effect

Brain Imaging and Behavior; Apr The default mode network DMN is abnormal in a multitude of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Inclusion criteria were peacetime or wartime veterans regardless of branch of service and included those for whom the traumatic brain injury was not service related.

SPECT imaging was performed on this group both at rest and during a concentration task.

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These measures, as well as the baseline-concentration difference, were then inputted from DMN regions into separate binary logistic regression models controlling for age, gender, race, clinic site, co-morbid psychiatric diseases, TBI severity, whether or not the TBI was service related, and branch of armed service.

Predicted probabilities were then inputted into a receiver operating characteristic analysis to compute sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy. The purpose of this study was to conduct an investigation of brain areas related to anxiety using SPECT scans.

Participants were administered a SPECT scan as part of a general evaluation for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders ranging from ADHD to schizophrenia and brain disorders.

Stroop effect introduction and theories | Essay Example

They were grouped based on their responses to symptom questionnaires targeting anxiety symptoms specifically. Three groups were formed and were based on quartiles: Individuals in the moderate and high groups had significantly greater blood flow than the low group in the left cerebellum and caudate.

Individuals in the high group had significantly greater blood flow than the low group in the right cerebellum, and left and right olfactory bulbs.

Individuals in the low group had greater blood flow than the high group in the left and right occipital lobe. The results demonstrated that various areas of the brain, based on average amount of blood flow, differ based on varying levels of self-reported anxiety symptoms.

No significant pattern of results emerged, which could demonstrate that blood flow in individuals with high levels of anxiety more global changes rather than specific to one area of the brain.

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Future research should investigate more specifically the areas of the brain that differ between individuals to determine possible mechanisms by which they influence each other. Using a symptom checklist, participants Subjects in the upper quartile yielded significantly lower blood flow relative to the lower quartile in the following areas: The purpose of this study was to assess the differences of blood perfusion in those who scored in the upper compared to the lower quartiles of mania symptomology.

Analyses denoted significant differences in blood perfusion of those with a range of mania symptom severity. Specifically, self-reported mania symptomology appears to be indicative of lower levels of blood perfusion in subcortical regions.

These results indicated that SPECT analysis could potentially be useful in the neurological aspect of research on mania symptomology.

Ensuing research will aim to distinguish the relationship between brain areas and their associated specific symptoms. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 29 6: Data were collected from the self-reports of clients seen at the Amen Clinic.

Participants included individuals with a self-reported diagnosis of an eating disorder, with an average age of The sample was mostly female, and subtypes of eating disorders were not identified.

An introduction to the analysis of the stroop effect

Independent t-tests were used to analyze mean differences in blood flow between normals and eating disorders. No other areas of the brain revealed differences in blood flow while performing the CPT.Check out these peer reviewed scientific books and media from Amen Clinics about a variety of subjects from spect imaging to PTSD.

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An introduction to the analysis of the stroop effect

Despite its name, the Paleo Diet is a new food trend, one which has become increasingly popular in recent years. The diet’s basic tenet is . Experiment Analysis - The Stroop Word-Color Test. Investigating the Stroop Effect Essay examples - Introduction: When a behavior or skill seems to no longer require direct interaction, cognitive psychologists say it is automatized.

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The Stroop effect was originally named after John Ridley Stroop and was published in The test demonstrates the difference in reaction time of naming colours, reading names of colour, and naming colours of words printed in different ink. Science Links.

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