Analyzing the issue of the death penalty from the biblical point of view

The end result for each method is the same for all victims: But the techniqes vary greatly in terms of pain and speed. This section of our website deals with the execution of criminals found guilty of having committed very serious crimes.

Analyzing the issue of the death penalty from the biblical point of view

By ERLC Capital punishment, or the death penalty, refers to the execution by the state of those guilty of certain crimes. Theologically, most mainline Protestant churches, such as Presbyterian Church in the USA, many Episcopal, and Lutheran churches, oppose the death penalty.

Analyzing the issue of the death penalty from the biblical point of view

Even some historically evangelical churches such as the United Church of Christ and many Methodist and Baptist churches opposed capital punishment.

The Roman Catholic Church supports capital punishment in principal but holds that current application is unnecessary since we have matured as a culture. On the other hand, most Protestant conservatives, including the majority of members of the Southern Baptist Convention, and other growing evangelical movements such as Reformed Christians and Conservative Baptists, support capital punishment on biblical grounds.

In a resolution inthe SBC affirmed support for the fair and equitable use of capital punishment by civil magistrates as a legitimate form of punishment for those guilty of murder or treasonous acts that result in death.

That capital punishment should only be administered when the pursuit of truth and justice result in clear and overwhelming evidence of guilt; That because of the deep reverence for human life, profound respect for the rights of individuals, and respect for the law, the SBC calls for vigilance, justice, and equity in the criminal justice system; That capital punishment be applied as justly and as fairly as possible without undue delay, without reference to the race, class, or status of the guilty; that civil magistrates use humane means in administering capital punishment; That members of the SBC commit to love, to pray for, and to minister the gospel to victims and perpetrators of crimes, realizing that only in Christ is there forgiveness of sin, reconciliation, emotional and spiritual healing, and the gift of eternal life.

The Bible clearly states that immediately after the Noahic Flood God mandated the use of the death penalty. The right to exercise capital punishment is reserved for the state, not the individual.

There is no place for personal revenge in the administration of this punishment Rom. Capital punishment provides the state the means to apply the appropriate punishment to the crime Deut. God instituted capital punishment as a legitimate punitive option for every state. It is likely that Paul is expressing the general principle that the state has the right to punish its citizens for breaking its laws.

More specifically, however, since the machaira sword is typically an instrument of death in the New Testament, and certainly in Romans cf. The state possesses this power of death to punish evil Rom.

Application and Guidelines for Capital Punishment In order to assure the fair administration of justice God established some important guidelines for Israel, which any state would be wise to adopt, especially in a matter as serious as capital punishment.

The accused person must have committed a crime for which death is the appropriate punishment. Clear evidence of guilt must be provided by two or three witnesses. One witness was not sufficient to result in capital punishment Num.

God is aware that unscrupulous people may attempt to use the death penalty for evil purposes. Therefore, he requires multiple witnesses to the supposed crime. Those charged with crimes must be treated in a uniform and impartial manner, regardless of status Deut.

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Any society that favors some people and discriminates against others because of class or status, or deprives some of adequate defense, intentionally or through neglect, diminishes its integrity and creates serious doubts about its commitment to justice Lev.Q.

In English class, I chose opposing the death penalty as my stance for a persuasive speech. I believe killing other people is wrong. I thought that was the Christian belief as well.

After my. While America’s broken justice system is a complex issue, perhaps the first area we can fix is by abolishing the death penalty in all 50 states.

Aug 03,  · For much of history, the Christian Churches accepted that capital punishment was necessary.

Analyzing the issue of the death penalty from the biblical point of view

In recent times many Christians have argued against the death penalty . Articles and Opinions on the Death Penalty from a Religious Point of View " + Catholic and evangelical leaders want to kill the death penalty," by Heather .

Furthermore, opponents of capital punishment candidly admit that they would oppose the death penalty even if it were an effective deterrent.(5) So while these are important social and political issues to consider, they are not sufficient justification for the abolition of the death penalty.

Jewish interpretation of Old Testament Law reflected a great reluctance to impose the death penalty. For example, circumstantial evidence wasn't admitted. The two eyewitnesses (Num.

35) had to have warned the accused he was about to commit a capital crime.

What Does the Bible Say About Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty?