Childproof or not

We will spend the entire summer here, my two year old, four year old and myself.

Childproof or not

Childproof or not

Gather 3 empty childproof containers each with a different way of opening Approximate Time Required to Complete the Project May take up to 5 days to collect the date; one day to prepare the science fair display To determine whether childproof containers are really childproof 3 empty childproof containers each must have a different way of opening Stopwatch Childproof containers have been developed to prevent young children from harming themselves by taking too much medicine or coming into contact with harmful substances.

Unfortunately, many childproof containers are not really childproof. In this investigation, different childproof containers are tested to see how childproof they really are. Research Questions What were childproof containers invented to prevent?

How do childproof containers work? Are child proof containers really childproof? Can a young child learn how to open a childproof container?

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Gather the childproof containers. Be sure the containers are empty and have been thoroughly cleaned. Select five subjects who are all four years old. Most school science projects require permission slips for all subjects used in science investigations.

Be sure to get all the necessary forms signed.

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Show one of the subjects one of the three containers. Tell the subject that he or she has one minute to try and open the container. Use the stopwatch to time one minute. Repeat Step 3 with the other childproof containers. Next, show the subject how to open the first childproof container.

Then give the subject one more minute to try and open the container. Repeat Step 5 with the other childproof containers. Repeat Steps 3 — 6 with each of the subjects.The idea of starting a family is just the beginning of a lot of things and making sure you child-proof your home is just one.

When a child comes into the picture, everything ranging from the food we eat to house we live in and places we visit, it all revolves around the safety of the angel we become Read More about 4 Ways To Child-Proof Your Home.

Childproof or not

I conducted a study about childproof containers and if they are really childproof. I wanted to study this topic because of the following reasons;) To lower the percentage of children ingesting poisons or other medications that are not safe for them.

Make sure window blinds do not have looped cords-- they can be strangulation hazards for children. Blinds, shades, and draperies purchased before . You'll have to reevaluate these precautionary measures as your child grows. "Childproofing is an ongoing process," says Altman.

"The gate you put at the top of the stairs for your 1-year-old may become his favorite climbing structure when he's 2." Use caution with furniture and fixtures. If not secured with the safety harness, your baby can slip through the opening between the seat and the tray and strangle.

Prevent Child In-Home Drowning Deaths Children drown in bathtubs, buckets and pails, not just in pools or spas.

Oct 15,  · Elisabeth Conley Fitzgerald letter on October 8 article contends childproofing houses needs to start with child, not house.

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