Copyright theses dissertations

The Copyright of Your Thesis or Dissertation The Copyright The following information is offered as a supplement to the information on copyright available in the Doctoral Dissertation Handbook.

Copyright theses dissertations

It is the same as its paper counterpart in content and organization, and it meets the formatting requirements described in A Student Guide to Preparing Electronic Theses and Dissertations. You already have created an ETD if you have written your thesis or dissertation on a computer by using a word processing program.

ETD submission began as optional on Feb It became required for all thesis and dissertation submissions as of Aug There are 2 important ETD websites. The ProQuest PQ site is where you go next.

Here you find detailed information on PQ guidelines on formatting for digital submission, publishing, copyrighting, binding, etc. You also can practice ETD submission and make the final submission. Rather than printing your manuscript dozens of times as you make changes and progress through the various stages of review, you will be able simply to make corrections to the electronic file, convert the final version to a PDF file, and submit that file.

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You may include additional information e. Such files typically are included, however, only if they are an integral part of the thesis or dissertation.

Whereas paper copies can spend months waiting to be bound and distributed, your electronic document can be available much more quickly and, if you so choose, to a much wider audience.

You may be able to reduce or eliminate the costs of printing and binding. It is important to recognize the distinction between electronic submission and electronic publication. Electronic publication refers to the ways in which your electronic thesis or dissertation will be made available to others.

What is traditional publishing, and what are the benefits? Traditional publishing means that your thesis or dissertation is listed in an online database; however, access to the full manuscript is available only to authorized PQ users by paid subscription.

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Other users have access to only an extract consisting of the title page and the first few content pages. Traditional publishing is a less-expensive option and makes it possible to earn royalties. See the PQ site for details. What is open access publishing, and what are the benefits?

Granting open access to your ETD results in more recognition of your research work, wider dissemination of scholarly information, and acceleration of research.

Open access to your ETD is automatic after the designated time. Publishers of some professional journals e. However, other publishers e. Disclosing potential intellectual property in theses or dissertations published online may preclude patent rights in some areas of the world.

If you have patent concerns or concerns that the electronic posting of your ETD might prevent later acceptance of your research by professional journals or book publishers, it is your responsibility to consult with your committee and with possible future publishers to make an informed decision.

Most professional journals publish Instructions for Authors on their web site where they specifically address this issue. Some journals, however, do not. Many journals state that their policy is to deal with each submission on a case-by-case basis.

To clarify the policies of a particular journal, you may need to contact the publisher.

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This is completed and electronically signed as part of your on-line submission through ProQuest. ProQuest is a private company that has acted for more than 60 years as the publisher and distributor for the majority of theses and dissertations written in the United States.

Online access to the available full text of theses and dissertations including those written at UA is through paid institutional subscription. To make informed decisions, you, your faculty advisor, and your committee should be aware of the publication practices in your field of study, particularly if you have previously published or plan to publish any part of your research in a journal or book.

Any researcher can locate your document through a subject, author, or keyword search; read your abstract; and preview the first few pages of your dissertation.dissertation more successful, and to help you avoid possible copyright conflicts and dilemmas in the future.

The subject of this manual is your dissertation, but many of the issues here will arise in all of. A thesis or dissertation containing one or more articles published by a scholarly journal must meet all format specifications outlined in this handbook.

Previously published articles are treated as separate chapters (or titled sections). Published theses and dissertations are listed in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database. Online access to the available full text of theses and dissertations (including those written at UA) is through paid institutional subscription.

For the most part, reproducing material in your dissertation or thesis will fall under the umbrella of fair use -- however, you should carefully consider whether or not an argument for fair use can be made according to these four factors.

If you have previously published work that you wish to include in your dissertation (such as a journal article included as a chapter), you should check the publishing agreement or the publisher's website to determine what the publisher's policies are concerning the reuse of this material in a dissertation.

Copyright theses dissertations

Although notice of copyright and formal registration are not necessary, we do suggest that authors of theses and dissertations provide such notice. At CUA, the author may place notice of copyright on the title page of the thesis or dissertation.

Copyright theses dissertations
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