Ecoist marketing plan

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Ecoist marketing plan

The target market is years old. The packages would confirm to the goal of eco tourism that is travel agency will promote responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. The company will strive to achieve a sales goal of 36 million dollars within a period of 3 years.

During the first year itself the travel agency will achieve the goal of at least 12 million dollars.

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Situational Analysis - Company analysis: As the tourism product is often dependent upon the environment, negative impacts upon that resource will be minimized. The company is aware that even the most environmentally conscientious tourist will have some degree of impact on the environment and so the agency and its personnel should therefore attempt to minimize that impact.

Ecoist marketing plan

The agency and its managers will attempt to identify an environmental carrying capacity and will ensure that its packages will not exceed that capacity but a major difficulty of this technique is that it "implies the existence of fixed and determinable limits to development and that if one stays below those threshold levels no changes or deterioration will occur" The target market for the new package would be executives of the age group These would be people would be interested in the environment and would be willing to take some hardship to enjoy a holiday in natural surroundings such that nature is not harmed.

The strengths of this campaign is that there is a new found awareness of not harming the environment and being eco friendly.

The strong points wouldeCoast Marketing is building the best sales development company in the technology-enabled live lead generation, sales development, and marketing services provide an omnichannel approach to the revenue generation process.

We service high-technology OEMs and their channel partners. Business and Marketing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Business and Marketing Ecoist is a company who has an eco-minded lifestyle and assists people adopt a modern life.

Ecoist marketing plan

1. Ecoist is a company that manufactures accessories from recycles materials received from the different multinational companies.

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Spatial and town plan for city of Negotin, Serbia. Key expert for traffic infrastructure. Marketing research and Inventory report XXIII International Conference Ecological Truth “EcoIst June Authors: Nikola Ristic, Velimir Secerov,Title: Head of Business Development .

• Create shipment plan report month to month Ecoist LLC.

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