Essay on child labour is a plague in the society

The practice deprives children of their childhood, and is detrimental to their physical and mental development. Extreme Poverty, lack of good schools in remote areas, illiteracy among parents, social mindset and growth of informal economy are considered as the important causes of child labor in India. The presence of a large number of child laborers is regarded as a serious issue in terms of economic welfare.

Essay on child labour is a plague in the society

Speech on child labour for 2 minutes Essay on child labour wikipedia Short Essay on Child Labor - Important India 25 Nov Child labor has been an international concern because it damages, spoils and destroys the future of children. The problem of child labor is a serious matter not only in India but also in other developing countries.

Short paragraph on Child Labour in India. Child labour articles Child Labor in India essays Among them is the important and sad issue of child labor. Bonded child labor refers to the phenomenon of children working in conditions of servitude in order to pay off a debt Human Rights Watch, Poverty and lack of proper education aid child labor.

It is a great challenge that the country is facing. The prevalence of it is evident by the child work participation rates which Child labour paragraph words free essay on Child labour in India - Preserve Articles 10 Jun words free essay on Child labour in India.

Childhood is the most innocent phase in human life. In other words, child labor is any kind of Speech on child labour for 2 minutes Essay on child labour in India - Child labour is a plague in the society Children are an asset to society.

The welfare of the society is closely related to the welfare of the child. India has the largest workforce of children in the world. Child labour introduction The provision of the present Child labour Prohibition and Regulation Act should also be suitably amended to bring about a cognizable offence.

The presence of child labour in hazardous industries is a gross violation of human rights. CWC also runs a shelter for homeless working children in Bangalore. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge.

In Mayto mark the 50 th year of Indian Independence, the Union Government decided to make elementary education to children in the age group a fundamental right. The present Child Labour Act covers only the 15 per cent of the employed children and the rest comprising 85 per cent working in unorganized sector have been ignored.

The liberalisation of Indian economy will also go a long way in alleviating poverty by creating more job opportunities for the adults and thus the child labour will automatically get reduced.

Promotion of child-rights presupposes economic well-being of the people. CCFCL, provides relief and rehabilitation to child workers, networks with non- governmental organizations and the governmental organizations and the government to improve child welfare programme, generates public awareness and holds education programmes for child workers.

Obviously, the international code of conduct on minimum labour standards is not being implemented in the developing countries.

The penalty in such cases should be made more stringent and deterrent; burden of proof of age of the child should been the employer and the names of the defaulting establishments should be furnished to law-courts and law-enforcement authorities.

They are subject to various types of abuse and exploitation. They eradicated the evils as soon as they grew rich and industrially powerful.

But there is often found a big gap between good intentions and their timely implementation. The message needs to get home continue. Without provisions of universal, free and compulsory education, elimination of child labour is almost impossible. They should pressurize the Centre and State Governments to implement the scheme of universal, free and compulsory primary education at the earliest.

It is estimated that half of the population of children in India is outside schools. He r she has the right to education, with states making primary education compulsory and free.

The percentage of people living below poverty line has increased from 36 per cent in to 43 per cent in in rural areas. Social groups, voluntary organisations and reform societies should create a public awareness against child labour ad making the masses demand free primary education.

Essay on child labour is a plague in the society

During the Industrial Revolution of th centuries child labour was a common thing in Europe. They are engaged as bid rollers, brick kiln workers and other domestic helps against their wishes and abilities.

It is not all. The emancipator value of education, specially primary education, is very significant as can be seen in the case of Kerala. Till appalling poverty persists and social insecurity prevails, child labour cannot be checked, let alone its eradiction.

Children are being exploited as labourers both by organised and unorganized sectors of industry. And one of the main reasons is Child labour. Their parents cannot afford to send them to schools or allow them to play.Child labour does affect the whole society in every aspect.

Making the law is the not the solution is not the solution to overcome it. The law . Essay child labour a curse the society management. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. United methodist history research paper, espejismos superioressay concluding paragraphs for persuasive essays on organ the storm mcknight malmar setting essay college papers for sale research papers reservation musee jacquemart andre Discussions around child labour are incredibly complex, especially because the concept of childhood has been re-examined in recent years.

This paper will explore how the Western concept of childhood is instrumental in a capitalist and heteronormative society, and how this limited concept of childhood informs legislature on child Child Labour Essay is all about the causes and effects that are responsible for children to skip their primary education.

Every nation supports right to education for every human, yet most of these nations were mentioned in the list of nations with child labor, but the good news is the it is gradually declining in the past few years.

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