Hotel business plan in nigeria the outside wife

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Hotel business plan in nigeria the outside wife

Hotel business in Nigeria is lucrative — Adenigba On Here is an excerpt. Joseph Harold, a Briton. The present owner bought the company through the Western Region Government in Hospitality outfits in this category are more likely to perform better than those without it especially in a country like Nigeria.

The global economic crunch would have had its effect on local hotels but things appear to be improving now and patronage is getting better. Here we have rooms and occupancy figure is not static. Hotels experience seasonal patronage as well.

There is time for dull business and period that hotel could work round the clock. Mr Adenigba On the challenges of new hotels springing up day by day Lagos Airport Hotel cannot feel threatened because it is on its own class and doing all it could to remain the hotel of choice.

The many years of existence has brought about tremendous goodwill. The space, the location and the personalized services are also added advantages. No hotel does the personalized services better than we do. You know the ways Africans express friendliness.

Their hospitality nature is not cosmetic. Once an African is your friend, he shows it and would do all to express it.

Hospitality is natural to us, we do not feign it. The security of our environment is another selling point. You cannot beat that. We are the most secured and we can beat our chest. Other new hotels are coming to learn the way we do it, they copy us and steal our operational system modalities.

They poach and make entreaties to some of our staff for possible recruitment. What we have they do not have and I am bold to say that no other hotel in Lagos or its environment has the type of our security, the ambience that makes you express yourself, the space for freedom and our personalized services that is real and professional.

So we cannot feel threatened. It only behoves that we must constantly re-strategize and renew our facilities to constantly meet and exceed the expectation of our discerning customers. We are already renovating and re-modelling the hotel rooms and we have gone far in this effort which ultimately will lead to growth and higher productivity.

On investment in hospitality in Nigeria Investing in hotel business in Nigeria is a wise investment. It is a business venture which has been found to be lucrative.

It is a money spinner as more and more people are desiring leisure and comfort. Business people have seen the hotel as the best place for business rendezvous that could offer concentration for meaningful business discussions.

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Idris had a loud laugh at his new business plan. "Ok man, I'll let you. Great savings on hotels in Lagos, Nigeria online. Good availability and great rates. They all made my wife and myself's stay at the hotel wonderful.

Will definitely recommend this hotel to friends looking at a hotel to stay in Lagos. Show more Show less.

hotel business plan in nigeria the outside wife

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Two couples meet on a flight and end up spending the night at a hotel. The four of them laughed. They. Walker and his wife Lisa. A new investor will be invited to participate in the company's middle class residents and companies located inside or outside the Loca Bay Industrial Park.

Start-up Sample Business Plan Page 4. Start-up Sample Business Plan.

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