Housekeeping by marilynne robinson an analysis

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Housekeeping by marilynne robinson an analysis

More essays to explore history, science and politics from a serious Christian. I am a fan of Marilynne Robinson. But I have read Gilead twice and the most recent, and my favorite, Lila, three times. I have also read two of her previous collections of essays. I am more mixed on her essays.

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She is an incredible writer. Although the essays here, which were mostly talks given over the past two years edited together into a book, have an odd sort of repetition.

She literally quotes the same quotes and cites the same ideas multiple times. Individually, I think most of them are great. But put together, they are somehow less than the individual parts.

Robinson is known as a writer. But her interests mean that she is writing about things that are outside of her academic background. She is fascinated by Puritans and Jonathan Edwards and how we talk and think about science and politics. She is clearly much smarter than I am and so I love being able to listen to her musings about things that I would not have ever considered apart from her.

I really do love how wide ranging of a thinker she is. But enough with the Puritans and Jonathan Edwards.

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I understand that she is interested and I think it is fascinating that she wants to, as a political and theological liberal, defend their reputations. Some of that is important. But she is limited in her analysis. I just finished reading Reconstructing the Gospelwhich had a serious critique of our love of Puritans because I read a number of conservative reformed Christians I read a lot of positive comments about the Puritans that maybe Robinson is just not reading.

Smith in his review notes the same problems. Robinson is talking about part of the story, but in pointing out some of the missing parts of how we understand Puritans, she also misses some of the more serious critiques. Yes, many of those that were serious abolitionists were of Puritan background.

But many were not. No essayist can do everything in a single essay.

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Politically I am fairly liberal. I love her writing style and I even love her attempts at being a fair thinker and trying to push back against false narratives of history or dismissal of inconvenient alliances.

Housekeeping by marilynne robinson an analysis

But each time I read a book of her essays, even though I often enjoy many of the individual parts and I always learning something, I also tend to find her unpersuasive, even though I was likely already on her side before I started reading.

If an essay is at least in part designed to persuade, then I think that Robinson is a failed essayist. She is a great writer and an important novelist. But I think a failed essayist. What Are We Doing Here?Housekeeping is the story of two sisters coming of age in an isolated mountain town.

The narrator, Ruth, and her younger sister, Lucille, rely on each other to survive. Their father deserts the family too early for them to remember him. Dana Gioia: Marilynne Robinson's debut novel, Housekeeping, introduced readers to three generations of women from an eccentric family, the Fosters, who live in the fictional town of Fingerbone.

The language and atmosphere of the novel is extraordinarily original – lucid yet otherworldly, mysterious yet oddly familiar. Jul 01,  · In Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson has crafted a haunting novel that leaves both the book’s characters and the reader with more questions than it answers, questions that are, perhaps, unanswerable.

5/5 Recommended: Absolutely, for lovers of highly literary, character driven fiction. Be aware, though, that this is a very quiet novel. Since the publication of Marilynne Robinson's widely praised debut, Housekeeping, readers have long anticipated a second novel from this extraordinary writer.

Gilead at last fulfills that hope, combining a profound exploration of life's mysteries with magnificent storytelling. ANALYSIS BY CHAPTER. Housekeeping (). Marilynne Robinson () 1. Housekeeping was awarded the PEN/Faulkner Prize for Fiction, was listed by magazine as one of Time the “ Best English-Language Novels from to ,” and was named by the Guardian Unlimited as one of the greatest novels of all time.

Housekeeping Homework Help Questions. In the book "Housekeeping" by Marilynne Robinson, in chapter 4 what was the whole deal with Sylvie has a past life of transience and still feels restless.

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