Leprosy in medieval and islamic societies essay

Email This section explains how leprosy became endemic in England by the 11th century, and describes medieval attitudes towards the disease and how sufferers were cared for in religious houses and hospitals. Its impact would change both the landscape of the country and the mindset of its people. Chapel of St Mary Magdalen, Stourbridge near Cambridge Leprosy had entered England by the 4th century and was a regular feature of life by Enduring purgatory on Earth Reaction to the disease was complicated.

Leprosy in medieval and islamic societies essay

Treatment of lepers in Christian and Islamic Societies: Although lepers were isolated and treated differently than other members of society in both religious cultures, the medieval treatment of lepers in Islamic society seemed to be less harsh than in Christian societies.

There are common religious interpretations in both Christian and Islamic societies regarding leprosy, but the effect of such interpretation appeared to be less " marginalizing" in Islamic societies. In Islamic society, there was little evidence of lepers being required to wear distinctive clothing.

Leprosy in medieval and islamic societies essay

The association of lepers with the "unclean" is seen in the popularity of baths as a treatment for leprosy, but this occurred mostly in areas of Christian influence, such as the Crusader states. There are several interpretations regarding the thirteenth century Mass of Separationand the Church's view towards the leper.

The leper was considered a kind of Nazarite from the Hebrew Bible, a warrior who has taken special vowswho must be protected by the church. There was a list of garments and utensils that the leper must be given, and each was blessed before the leper received it, much like was done at clerical ordinations.

The religious texts in Martene's De Antiquis Ecclesiae Ritubus clearly forbid the incorporation of funeral liturgy. Yet according to R. Moore, Lateran III's ritual of separation was clearly modeled on the ritual of the dead, and in many places, the leper was actually required to stand in an open grave while the ritual was read to the accused.

A leper and a cripple. Note the portrayal of the leper with a clapper and a begging bowl. The issue of a person's wealth was important when they became known as a leper. Rich lepers were treated very differently than poor ones.

The stories of Alice the Leper and Baldwin IV see Annotated Bibliography show that if people were leprous but rich, they were depicted as heroes. Alice was shown as a martyr, and Baldwin still ruled his kingdom in his leprous state.

Leprosy in medieval and islamic societies essay

It was not their fault that they were lepers, whereas it was thought that most people contracted leprosy as a punishment from God for their sins. Lepers that were poor had to carry begging bowls, as seen in the pictures above and to the right.

Societies considered them burdens because they could not work. The poor leper seems to have been relegated to the the margins. The Sin of the Leper: As "leprosy" grew more prevalent during the Middle Ages, the status of lepers changed.


Far from being pitied, lepers became increasingly more reviled by the populace.ENDNOTES In this essay I shall utilize original Arabic sources in preference to relying on the differing assumptions of orientalists and modern historians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This safe approach was adopted to a large extent also by recent scholars who wrote modern works on Arabic and Islamic science. See Fuat Sezgin and George.

Leprosy Essay, Research Paper. Leprosy or Hansen’s Disease, is a disease that affects primarily the skin and nerves. It was discovered in by a Norwegian physician Gerhard Henrik Armauer torosgazete.com disease was thought to have started somewhere in India and .

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Leprosy in Medieval England is more than a localized version of the West European history of leprosy because it reveals significant differences.

In general, English records offer comparatively scant information on the examination of suspects, the organization of lazar hospitals, and the involvement of physicians.

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