Life in the favelas essay example

Oscar Niemeyer has undoubtedly left a great and important mark not only upon this city, but upon the country as well. From his work in architecture, to his remarkable life, this man had a valuable and respect-worthy footprint upon humankind. Niemeyer was born in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil in Byhe graduated from the Art school in Rio, at which time he joined a team of architects who were collaborating with Le Corbusier.

Life in the favelas essay example

However, as Brazil contains a large number of impoverished areas, the word favela is often used to mean any of these types of places. One can surmise that favelas are generally ad-hoc neighborhoods where the landowner gave no authorization to build, while slums are housing units developed by a third party or a government having all rights to the land that falls into a state of disrepair.

The phenomenon is complex, but its effects do not differ significantly from one instance to the other, in most cases. Usually, favelas appear on government-owned or disputed-ownership land. For example, Rocinha can be considered a slum in many parts -- instead of a shanty town -- but it is a Favela.

Check the Rocinha talk page. The houses, if you would like to call them that, are made of garbage and anything they can find. There is no electricity or water.

Life in the favelas essay example

Most people in favelas, either beg for money or get their money with commiting crimes. Not all of them, but it can be generalized this way. It ususally smells like fecal matter and glue in favelas. You just described a "shanty Life in the favelas essay example.

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Cidade de Deus for example, it is supposed to be a slum. It is not a shanty town because the houses most of them were properly constructed, and there is basic sanitation. Nevertheless, it is still a favela: Even a brand-new development, such as nice council-hoseswill become a favela if it is socially segregated and abandoned by the government.

The housing complexes where families were taken have been degraded to such an extent that they have become new favelas themselves. First, favelas are not a particular Rio phenomenon, rather, they are part of the urban landscape throughout Latin America, especially Brazil.

These services are acquired illegally.

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Would be nice to see this section re-worked to be more objective. For example, how prevalent are guns, how many gun deaths are reported, how much money is generated from drug sales. Using exagerrative adjectives without objective figures make this section seem sensationalist or that every favela is the same as portrayed in the worst parts of the film, "City of God".

This is a direct consequence of one of the most significant features of favelas, one that in recent years has been pointed as a paramount issue in the favela problem: This may be hard to understand for someone not familiar with favelas, but they are a largely unstructured society and it is extremely difficult to collect data there with techniques devised for structured societies.

Even census work is extremely difficult to carry out in favelas.

Favelas in Rio de Janeiro: A Hidden Crisis | Essay Example

As for gun deaths, the vast majority are never reported at all - how could they be, if people are afraid to report them, and to whom they would be reported, if authorities are not there and are often distrusted and frowned upon anyway?

Yet, it is a notorious fact that gun deaths do exist as do other forms of murderand they are many, but unfortunately they cannot be properly quantified or reliably sourced. To buy an average house in Rocinha it would cost you For the same 25k usd you can buy a large, big and confortable house in any countryside town, but since urbanization in Brazil is too strong, people prefer to live in favelas because near the big centers they have jobs.

A good federal policy for habitation would put down the prices of raw materials and civil construction in general, making the favelas a better place to live. Unfortunately this is yet to happen — Preceding unsigned comment added by It has grown so enormously that it developed a strong economy of its own, and some signs of prosperity inevitably appeared.

Favelas in Rio de Janeiro: A Hidden Crisis Essay Sample

The same has happened in other large favelas, but even at Rocinha, there is a distinct separation between the While TV sets have been ubiquitous everywhere for decades in Brazil, and such domestic amenities certainly are not exactly rare any more in favelas, I doubt that they are representative of the majority of favelados.

In fact, that is often the characteristic that makes these ones so important. Being poor does not mean being stupid, and people who go to live in a favela do so exactly in order to be near their jobs. So, most but not all favelas tend to be located in central areas, near downtown or more affluent districts that can provide them with jobs.

The alternative would be to go to the distant suburbs - contrary to what happens in countries like the U.There is a lack of tenure, which is the legal right to occupy land, which stops residents from wanting to improve property, insecurity for people and also extremely high crime rates particularly in the Favelas of Rio de Janiero where the police are unable to patrol, due to extreme gang violence.

Favelas Essay; Favelas Essay. Words Dec 9th, 3 Pages. Nicole Whitehurst English Literature No one should have to live there life like Show More.

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One of these types of instances may be a wedding, a birthday, a first-pitch, or even running in to the right person in the hallway on a given day. Aug 17,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: For example, it is very probable that Ferreira Meirelles would have had trouble producing a motion picture on life in the favelas if he did not have access to Lins' manuscript.

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To some people, life is hard, cruel and merciless. These set of people see life as punishment throughout their entire lives. There will be improved quality of life for the people of Rio favelas. In addition, through these mega events, the government is relocating people from their homes in the favelas to new housings safe from the risk of floods, landslides among others.

Favelas in Rio de Janeiro: A Hidden Crisis | Essay Example