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Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means an expert on lifestyle blogging. There are many, many examples of more successful lifestyle, home decor, and motherhood blogs out there that I and millions of others love to read and that I can only dream of one day joining the ranks of. Just a word of warning:

Lifestyle topics to write about

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Print Diagnosis The tests you'll need to diagnose your heart disease depend on what condition your doctor thinks you might have. No matter what type of heart disease you have, your doctor will likely perform a physical exam and ask about your personal and family medical history before doing any tests.

Besides blood tests and a chest X-ray, tests to diagnose heart disease can include: An ECG records these electrical signals and can help your doctor detect irregularities in your heart's rhythm and structure. You may have an ECG while you're at rest or while exercising stress electrocardiogram.

lifestyle topics to write about

A Holter monitor is a portable device you wear to record a continuous ECG, usually for 24 to 72 hours. Holter monitoring is used to detect heart rhythm irregularities that aren't found during a regular ECG exam.

lifestyle topics to write about

This noninvasive exam, which includes an ultrasound of your chest, shows detailed images of your heart's structure and function. This type of test involves raising your heart rate with exercise or medicine while performing heart tests and imaging to check how your heart responds.

In this test, a short tube sheath is inserted into a vein or artery in your leg groin or arm.

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A hollow, flexible and longer tube guide catheter is then inserted into the sheath. Aided by X-ray images on a monitor, your doctor threads the guide catheter through that artery until it reaches your heart.

The pressures in your heart chambers can be measured, and dye can be injected. The dye can be seen on an X-ray, which helps your doctor see the blood flow through your heart, blood vessels and valves to check for abnormalities.

Cardiac computerized tomography CT scan. This test is often used to check for heart problems. In a cardiac CT scan, you lie on a table inside a doughnut-shaped machine.

An X-ray tube inside the machine rotates around your body and collects images of your heart and chest. Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging MRI.

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For this test, you lie on a table inside a long tube-like machine that produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field produces pictures to help your doctor evaluate your heart.

Treatment Heart disease treatments vary by condition. For instance, if you have a heart infection, you'll likely be given antibiotics. In general, treatment for heart disease usually includes:Bermuda Lifestyle from The Royal Gazette: Arts and Entertainment news, profiles, travel, women's issues, guest columnists and features.

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