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You get the dreaded call from the barn manager where you board your horse, or you walk out to ride your horse, love on him, give him treats, or whatever and you notice that he is not moving his legs properly.

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Perhaps he is favoring a leg, pointing a foot, or has a leg that is just hanging loosely. There are many causes of lameness. The cause can be from bruising over-reaching, brushing or cutting, buffing, speedy cut, threads, forging or clacking, coronet injuries, stumblingarthritis, tendon problems, ligament problems, fractures, elbow problems such as dropped elbow, bad shoeing, problems with the feet or hoof, improper hoof angles Hoof Angles' Impact on Lameness Examinedflexor metatarsi, hip joint problems, hock involvement, heart problems, knee injuries, shoulder problems, splints, sore shins, sprains, spinal problems, stifle, laminitis, neurological problems, as in hind end ataxiawobbles, EPM or Lyme, ring bone, side bone, sesamoiditis, navicular, corns, pedal ostitis, soar backs, spavins, arthritis, tying-up, etc.

Where Do I Start? The first thing I do is put my horse in his stall or in cross ties to examine him. Feel for heat Look for cuts, bruises, abrasions, pricks, punctures, kicks, and bites Feel for tenderness Notice how your horse stands: Does he "point" a forelimb?

Does he "point" each foot alternatively?

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Does he "point" a hind limb? Does your horse drop on one side showing that he is favoring the other side? This can be in front or behind. Is he dragging a foot?

Unable to lift it Check Horse's Movement You can do a visual examination of how your horse moves. Have someone trot your horse towards you and watch his head and his front legs. Your horse may jerk his head and neck upward. If this happens watch to see what leg is hitting the ground as the head and neck jerk upward.

Most likely that is the leg that is lame. Also, your horse may have an altered stride--or a short step on one side. The short striding leg would be the lame one. If you do not notice any upward movement of the head and neck then have your horse trot away from you. Carefully watch your horse's hocks and hind quarters.

If you notice that one hip is carried high and the other hip drops, your horse is most likely lame in his hind legs. Try to determine which hind leg is lame by watching the hip. The side that is being carried higher is usually the lame side.

You may also notice that your horse is taking short steps or short strides from the hind.HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION These highlights do not include all the information needed to use INVANZ safely and effectively.

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A great deal of equine lameness comes from hoof abscesses.

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