Nishithdesai research paper 2010

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Nishithdesai research paper 2010

Internet has exploded as a primary distribution point content creating new opportunities to engage people in topics they really care about.

Social media has begun to play a key role in how companies shape their CSR policies and present themselves as good corporate citizens. As business leaders strive to build more sustainable and social responsible entities, formal social media strategies are becoming paramount.

CSR is an interdisciplinary emergent field.

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In order to acquire a growing understanding of how to navigate the numerous way of handling CSR, communication and dialogue about it is a necessary step forward. What complicates the communication process, thought, is the variety of interests surrounding a CSR initiative.

Not all stakeholders want the same information about the initiative.

Nishithdesai research paper 2010

For example, some investors are interested in the financial effect of the CSR effort on the corporation e. ROIwhile local communities want to know how the actions directly affect their lives. The CSR communication needs to be tailored to each stakeholder yet maintain an overall consistency.

Therefore, the CSR communication stage should consist of a plan that outlines the stakeholders to be addressed, channels media to be used to reach them, and primary messages to be sent to each stakeholder group.

Digitalizing CSR communication is a challenge and one needs to start with a communications strategy that extends over the full year. It is important that the strategy encompasses multiple channels and multiple-messages, even considering different formats of content such as social media, blogs, video, photos and newsletters.

An ever increasing adoption of social media networks as legitimate channels for CSR communication. The necessity of leadership to get active on the social web and develop interpersonal relationships as consumers increasingly engages with companies on social media around CSR topics.

Social media is one of the most valuable communication channels for CSR. The biggest benefit is that it allows brands to create distinctiveness and an opportunity to stand out with their CSR communications. Organizations can use social media to: Learn what CSR issues are important to stakeholders find emerging issues Determine if stakeholders are aware of CSR activities Assess stakeholders reactions to initiatives Increase awareness of CSR initiatives Provide an avenue for stakeholder engagement The number one priority in social media is listening.

Points 1 through 3 involve listening. Listening to stakeholders helps managers to understand the stakeholders and their CSR concerns. This CSR knowledge base provides a foundation for engaging stakeholders and eventually promoting awareness of CSR initiatives.

An echo occurs when people pick up the CSR messages and relay them to others- the online version of word-of-mouth communication. The CSR messages may or may not have the potential to become viral but the use of social media will help create the potential for echoes to emerge.

Fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and people reading the blogs are exposed to the message and can create echoes through retweets, reposts, and any other opportunity to share information with others.

The online echoes cam also provide people an opportunity to add personal endorsements to the message. Trends will only emerge if people are ready to embrace the trends.

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This means the viral effort amplifies an existing need or concern rather than create a new one. The ability to see the social networks of others provides an opportunity to make additional connections that would have not occurred otherwise. Fan pages, particularly are public and allow organizations to add a variety of information and to engage directly in discussions with stakeholders.

CSR initiatives and issues are a logical topic that could emerge on a fan page.

Nishithdesai research paper 2010

A powerful mix of content, media, and entertainment can bring to CSR programs enormous success. Being real, open and communicative is vital to reputation management. For instance, Nike recently launched an online social media network called the We Portal, which serves as a platform for employees to discuss ways they can socially engage with one another, and how the company can be more sustainable.

The social media posts can be paired with efforts to target important CSR online resources. Public relations have since a long been an option for the low-cost dissemination of CSR information.

The online environment provides some unique opportunities for uncontrolled CSR public relations. Common public relation tactics that can be used for CSR promotion are digital brochures, news releases; section of a corporate website devoted to CSR, special websites to discuss CSR, employee blogs, employee tweets, posts to discussion boards and targeted CSR information sent to CSR social media bloggers and tweeters.

Sending information to social media sources mimics a news release on the digital platform and acknowledges the growing power of social media.A flow chart of the research misconduct investigation process on Rice’s website says the research integrity officer has up to 60 days to conduct an inquiry and prepare a report, which would then.

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