Normative essay

Normative ethics seeks to set norms or standards for conduct. The term is commonly used in reference to the discussion of general theories about what one ought to do, a central part of Western ethics since ancient times.

Normative essay

Normative Ethics and Metaethics Normative: The term "normative" reflects the ordinary view that some things are better than others. We evaluate cars, governments, corporate strategies, stereo equipment We say that a Lexus is a "really nice car", and most people agree.

It's well designed, has a smooth, powerful engine, handles tightly, brakes quickly and in treacherous weather conditionsis safe in accidents, has a long warrantee, is reliable, etc. It's a good car. A Stradivarius is a good violin. A Stradivarius violin is named after its designer -- Antonio Stradivari The following is taken from the Smithsonian website: Thousands upon thousands of violins were made in the 19th century as inexpensive copies of the products of great Italian masters of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Affixing a label with the master's name was not intended to deceive the purchaser but rather to indicate the model around which an instrument was designed. Furthermore, the best violins and bows are made with a certain type of wood: Because the "combination of rigidity, flexibility, density, beauty and ability to hold a fixed curve are properties which make Pernambuco a unique material for bowmaking.

We differentiate between good cars and lousy cars, gifted singers and shouters, good leaders and cronies.

These distinctions are "normative. And who are in a position to make these sorts of judgments? I couldn't tell a good violin from a hunk of junk. I know a good paper on Kant when I see one, however.

When we make normative judgments, we have reasons for saying that X is particularly good, though Y is not. There are certain properties which X possesses and which Y does not possess, and the presence or absence of just those properties differentiate our judgments.

What makes a good car good is a set of properties that is different than the set of properties that make a shoe a good shoe, or a violin a good violin. Normative Moral Judgments Most of the examples given above are non-moral.

If you don't understand the difference between moral and non-moral, review the previous section. We are not interested in these, but in normative moral judgments. In fact, this entire work is particularly concerned with normative moral judgments.

So, in summary, we will explore and evaluate different ways of making judgments about things of moral consideration.

What kinds of moral things are there? This is expressed by the Catholic aphorism: We say that Bill's actions were terrible, thoughtless, cruel.

There are two different types of normative, moral judgments: So, at least the following things can be evaluated from a moral perspective: Judgments of moral obligations [judgments of actions or behaviors] 1.

I ought not to escape from prison now. You should become a missionary c. What he did was wrong.

Normative essay

We ought to keep our agreements b. Love is the fulfillment of the moral law. All men have a right to freedom. Judgments of moral value [judgments of people, with their My grandfather was a good man. Xavier was a saint.

He is responsible for what he did.The normative social influence involves conforming in order to be accepted or liked by a group, not necessarily because one actually believes the things one is doing or saying.

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Normative essay

Normative Theory Essay Sample. Normative theories describe an ideal way for a media system to be structured and operated. Most normative theories develop over time. Normative models 3 object they like less, in order to avoid \wasting" the sunk cost of $ This is a bias away from a very simple normative rule, which is, \Do whatever yields the .

Normative Theory Essay Sample. Normative theories describe an ideal way for a media system to be structured and operated.

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Most normative theories develop over time. Introduction Normative ethics refers to the section of moral philosophy dealing with what makes an action to be morally right or wrong.

Therefore, it is concerned with the formulation of rules that human beings should abide by to make their actions, way of life, and acceptable institutions in society.

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