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Professional editing services fictionpress

Merchants of Sorrow by Aaron Ross Following the tale of a boy named Tskov, this story introduces a world of magic, monsters, and corruption.

Tskov lives on the bustling streets of Lantis but soon finds himself pulled into an unwanted adventure on the open seas. One day while working Analaura meets Virgo, who she is the host of, and learns that a new threat to Earth has prompted the Zodiac Signs to return. The "Soul Cutter", as it is known, has the ability to drain life energy.

Nobody knows how it is done, making it the focus behind many theories, once it is revealed to be real. When the Heir of the ruling Noble clan learns the truth, she also decides to target this person, hoping to learn the secrets. Nox and Drake by Robin deLynn Drake had been harassed by ghosts and spirits for a little over a year, he was surviving but only just.

He lost his job and sold off almost everything he had just to live. He found out how to make shielding talisman. He made a safe place for him to rest but he was reaching the end of his rope. M - English - Supernatural - Chapters: People would go missing or worse, die.

No one knows why. Will year-old Iris find a way to free herself from her curse or will she die by the hands of her Spirit? Six years later at age 22, she cancels their marriage in the better interest of finding someone more suitable, and Charlie is left in a state of mental confusion and depression, and he slowly attempts to climb out of it, step by step.

Not everyone joining this house party agreed, finding the house grim and the people charmless.

professional editing services fictionpress

The group of friends try to make the best of it, while also dismissing the dark mysteries that start to emerge about the house. Sitara dreams of demons arising and consuming humanity. Silas dreams of his past haunting him. Silva dreams of a better future. Read on and find out more about the Clans of the Asura, and new mysteries!

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The horror town he finally escaped from. Young Adult - Rated: Enfin, si, mais pas de lui… Juste de ses mots.Instant Price Quote and Free Editing Sample Get a firm quote for your project today. Submit 15 pages of your manuscript and get a free professionally edited sample of your writing within 24 hours.

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Now that you've finished writing, you want your project to be the best it can be. For this, you’re going to need another set of eyes—there’s really no way around it.

A willing friend can drive improvement and help you gain perspective. Professional and experienced fiction editor from England, Penmanship Editing focuses on quality editorial services. Exactly what qualifies a film or TV show for a rating varies wildly between example, in some more permissive jurisdictions productions that would score an R or even NC in the US due to sexual content have been rated the local equivalent of PG - sometimes after editing, sometimes not.

Our professional book editors have advanced degrees as well as extensive experience in book writing, proofreading and novel editing. The editors on our team also have a solid history of successfully published books, stories, and novels.

First Editing offers professional editing services with 20 years of experience and 1, testimonials to back up our work. Get a free editing sample today!

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