Quotations of essay health

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Quotations of essay health

Quotations of essay health

This is a topic that we need to talk more about. We need to eliminate the stigma about mental illness and talking about it is a great way to start.

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Since people can easily relate to quotes, I thought that sharing some mental health quotes would be a good way to start raising awareness! Did you know at least 1 in 5 people have a mental health concern of some sort.

That means it is likely that you or someone in your immediate family is struggling with their mental health. Think of your loved ones, can you image them having to deal with stigma? A stigma that causes people in need of help to keep it to themselves.

To put on a happy face when they are hurting so deeply inside. No one deserves that!

If you know someone with a mental health concern, reach out and talk to them. Let them know that while you may not understand what they are feeling, you are there for them and are supportive of them.

Remind them that they are loved. If you are struggling with your mental health, share this post with your loved on to help get the conversation started. Everyone deserves to be loved, supported, and respected!

Here are some mental health quotes that I think will resonate with many people. Feel free to save any of the images below so you can look at them as a reminder on particularly challenging days.

You only hurt yourself. It will inspire others. Your strength and courage does. The pdf makes it easy for you to have the quotes on hand for the days you need them!

If you are able, discuss mental health awareness in some way this week. Share a post on Facebook, post a status update, send a tweet, send a text, make a call. Help us to break the silence and eliminate mental health stigma!Quotes can be powerful and motivating.

Here are 15 health and nutrition quotes to remember and inspire! 1. "Time And health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted."Denis Waitley. - Community Health Centers History of the Community Health Centers One of the first major steps that began the development of community health centers was the Community Mental Health Act of , signed by President John F.

Kennedy (Moran, ).

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