Role as an encourager in a group

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Role as an encourager in a group

If you have any questions at all about the program the mentor, your child's class teacher or myself would welcome your call. Mentors can work towards improving a student's school experience in a number of ways. Systems may begin by simply designing time for an older student to work on a small task with a younger student.

What model should I follow when running the program? Mentoring can occur in all sorts of ways. It's likely that you will already have a distinct sense about how the mentoring process will work best for you and your student. If you do, then follow your instinct and experience.

Role as an encourager in a group

In addition, investigate other possible models through a web-search, speaking with a knowledgeable colleague or by telephoning your mentoring coordinator. Essentially, there are three models worth considering. Mentoring - an informal process This sees the relationship operate quite randomly.

The essence of this model is the development of a healthy, safe relationship whereby the student, or a small group of students, know they are being supported and can discuss issues as they randomly arise in a bid to find solutions.

Help mentoring This can be carried out either formally or informally. Within this model energy is focussed towards acknowledging a student's difficulty or a particular goal they wish to attain, and offering them ideas that appeal in order for them to achieve what they want.

The mentor takes on the role of a guide, a catalyst and sounding board, allowing the student to develop new understandings and new skills. Facilitated mentoring This model encourages the mentee and mentor to target a specific goal.

It insists on explicitly designing a program so that ways to monitor progress and reach the goal are planned. The program is designed so that sub-goals, leading to a final goal, can be filled in on the plan to help 'drip-feed' the student's sense of success.

As the program proceeds a evaluations are made so fine-tuning can take place.

Role as an encourager in a group

Finally, at a predetermined time, a final review is constructed to formally determine levels of success achieved. Ultimately the structure of sessions will be dictated by your relationship with your student and what is happening in their life.

Over time a healthy relationship will naturally establish a model that delivers benefits for the student within and beyond school. What's the student's profile likely to be? The one thing these students have in common is that they will be experiencing learning, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties at school.

They may be trying to cope with very difficult circumstances at home. They are likely to be described as 'at risk' children and teens that could benefit from the friendship, support and encouragement from a caring, stable adult working within the school system. Experience and statistics suggest that the student is more likely to be a male.

There is also the likelihood that their parents are separated and the student does not see much of their father. I've just been matched with a student!

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What should I think about and do before we meet?a person whose role is to set a standard on what the group will acheive, and applies norms while measuring the groups ability to meet those standards.

encourager. a person who agrees with, praises, beliefs, and over all contributions of other group members. procedural technician. As a group starts to develop, each group member starts to play a certain role within the group.

Roles are very important within in a group because they are part of the basic structure. The roles of small groups are not usually assigned in advance, but overtime emerge within the group.

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You and/or other group members may: • demonstrate excitement • participate hesitantly • show tentative attachment to the group • discuss problems peripheral to the task • be uncomfortable and anxious about the new situation • accomplish minimal work This stage is complete when new members start thinking of themselves as part of a group.

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