Stephen king on writing a memoir of the craft epub bud

By midyear, a widely reported accident jeopardized the survival of both.

Stephen king on writing a memoir of the craft epub bud

I think my life has been reasonably boring, and it usually turns out that my life has been ten times more exciting than theirs. What does Stephen King have to say about this? Maybe it depends on when they were born.

I am, when you stop to think of it, a member of a fairly select group: I grew up on a farm in the middle of bumfrilling Kansas, where a twenty foot antenna could only pull in three TV channels and one of those channels rolled most of the time. TV had no real impact on my life until I left home at the age of 18 and moved to Phoenix.

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They are completely enamored with spoon fed entertainment, and what they find funny is to me like paddling around in the kiddy pool of humor in the book world. Whenever I read a wonderful book like The Great Gatsby or meet a character like Atticus Finch, I fall on my bed and stare at the ceiling and think why am I harboring any thoughts that I can write a novel?

I want to write a fantastic novel. Stephen King will go into a time when he was struggling with alcohol and using drugs, or should I say abusing drugs.

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He will tell you all about the accident that nearly ended his life, which happened while he was writing this book. He will talk about trials and tribulations.

He will recommend books. There is a whole list of modern books in the back of this book that impressed the hell out of him and impacted his writing.

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The point is, of course, that even though he is probably the most famous writer on the planet, he is still learning, still enjoying reading, and still writing every day. I take a book everywhere I go.

I take a book with me to work every day and read a page or two while my computer is booting up. I have a book with me all the time because I never know when I will be sitting in road work or waiting on a doctor or gleefully reading, in the glow of my flashlight beam on the pages of my book, waiting for the power to come back on at work.

I live to read.

stephen king on writing a memoir of the craft epub bud

I live to write. I fornicate somewhere in the middle. King talked about examples of the work ethics of writers, but the one that resonated with me the most was Anthony Trollope.

If his writing time was up, he would stop in the middle of a sentence and head to work. If he finished a novel fifteen minutes before his time was up, he wrote THE END and started immediately into his next novel.

It brought tears to my eyes because that is what it means to be a writer If you want to get rich, go be a frilling stock broker.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

stephen king on writing a memoir of the craft epub bud
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