Stressors in our lives

Daily Life Joseph Batson T People have very different ideas with respect to their definition of stress.

Stressors in our lives

This article indentifies the major sources of stress for college students.

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Please go to our Article Reprint Guidelines. Some people have idyllic visions of what college life is all about -- "the best time of your life" -- and while college is often a positive time for intellectual and personal development, it is also a time filled with stress.

In fact, moderate levels of stress actually can improve performance. Where does the all stress come from that students face?

There are five major stressors for college students: Academic Stress Attending classes, completing the readings, writing papers, managing projects, and preparing for exams all put a heavy burden on students. Many students complain of professors who assign so much work that they must think theirs is the only class students are taking.

For new college students, the sudden amount of free time -- class that only meet two or three times a week for an hour or so -- leads to the development of bad habits that can hurt academic performance and increase stress levels.

Certainly one of the keys of dealing with academic stress is having good study habits and a time-management system. You should be managing your coursework, not the other way around.

If you are struggling, then seek help from the academic counseling office -- which often has seminars and workshops related to academic performance and study skills -- and your professors. Personal Stress College is often the first time many students are living independently, and this independence often leads to great stress.

College is a time for transitions, and the transition to adulthood may be a hard one for you. Some students come to terms with issues of sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and other deep issues.

You may also face roommate issues and peer pressure to take part in all sorts of activities. There is also your self-image -- socially, physically, academically -- that can be a major stressor for you. Female students, especially, deal with stress related to weight gain and physical appearance, but all students deal with the stress of how they are perceived.

Finally, there is the rampant use of alcohol and other drugs on many college campuses. Family Stress Most students go off to college carrying certain expectations from their families.

The pressure to choose the right major and get good grades can be immense. You may also face the stress of family dynamics.

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Some students are too dependent on their families -- going home every weekend -- while others seek some distance to grow into the person they want to become. There are also a lot of other hidden costs related to college, such as books and school supplies, cell phones, personal care and clothing purchases, items to decorate dorm rooms, social outings, fees for joining various student clubs and organizations, and miscellaneous charges and tickets.

Besides the stress of having to have the financial resources to pay all these bills, some college students also work part-time -- either through work-study in college or with a local employer. Because working hours takes away from studying hours, the need to work also causes stress.

Future Stress While attending college is about learning and becoming better educated, it is, of course, also about preparing you for a future career.Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives [Don Campbell, Alex Doman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Stressors in our lives

The bestselling author of The Mozart Effect taps cutting- edge science to show how we can use sound to improve our lives and achieve our goals. Based on over a decade of new research. What are the most common life stressors? We list them: Major life events such as loss of a loved one, retrenchment or divorce.

Trauma such as sexual abuse, earthquakes and military combat. Biological Causes of Depression. Biological causes of clinical depression continue to be studied extensively.

Great progress has been made in the understanding of brain function, the influence of neurotransmitters and hormones, and other biological processes, as well as how they may relate to the development of depression. May 27,  · Five top stressors in retirement and how to cope.

Stress in retirement is linked to a couple of key factors — health and financial status. Empowering Academic, College, and Career Success. Top College Stressors That Affect Academic Performance. Stress is inevitable in college, but not all stress is bad.

When stressors in life take over, our personal spaces may get cluttered and disorganized. Taking a few moments at the end of each day to put things away can help you wake up .

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