Writing a band bio

In fact, it's usually better to avoid overused cliches and flowery language. Remember that a band bio is a reflection of the band's unique style. Therefore, the language you use should reflect that style. Keep the bio simple and try to limit it to a few paragraphs.

Writing a band bio

What do you want to become?

The bigger picture

A fantastic bio should be well-written, succinct and to the point, and contain almost everything that a person might want to know about you and your career. Keep in mind that while it might seem like nothing more than a simple blurb, this is a piece of work that will be shared left and right, and how good it is and what it contains or fails to include may get or lose you paying work at some point.

Fitting everything into a bio in a manner which still keeps the document readable and flowing is incredibly difficult, but there are ways to make it work.

Fun Facts Members Names And Roles This may seem like the simplest and most obvious piece of information to include, and it is! The most helpful way to writing a band bio the reader who is who and what they do in the group is by captioning a photo with the names, what instrument they play, and perhaps most crucially, their position in the photo.

Hometown s This might seem like another fairly simple addition, and it is…but it can be easy to ignore. Throwing in the hometown of both the band and each individual member can be a great, easy way to form an instantaneous connection with Bloggers from that region.

It costs nothing, takes up essentially no space, and while you never know if anything will come of it, you should include where your bandmates are from. It is subtle, but reminding everyone where you originate from is a fantastic way to immediately connect with people who also call that place home.

Any opportunity that can help you become slightly more endearing to a person in power in the music industry should be seized, and this one requires nothing but a sentence.

The bigger picture

When And How You Started Most bands have a fun story about how everyone met and how and why they started creating music together.

Feel free to again use this as an opportunity to compare your music with that of someone who has been hugely successful. Has your first album sold 10, copies? Did you hit one million clicks on YouTube with a particularly fun to watch music video? All of these numbers catch the eye and will help bolster your profile as a successful musician or at least make you seem like one.

Figures like these are perfect for bios, as long as they are significant. What People Say Comparisons And Descriptions Many artists hate describing their music, and comparing their work to that of others is particularly onerous for some. People, especially those reading your bio, such as Booking Managers and Music Journalistsare very busy, and they get inundated with information from bands and artists every day.

writing a band bio

Also, feel free to again use this as an opportunity to compare your music with that of someone who has been hugely successful. What one musician might consider a huge accomplishment, another might not really care about.

What you end up including is up to you and what you think will be met with interest. Accomplishments can start small, such as selling out a venue or tour, and grow right along with your career. All of these things should make you proud, and including them is a great idea.

Positive Reviews Anybody can say great things about themselves and their own work, but when someone else puts their stamp of approval on a piece of music, especially if that someone else writes for a well-known blog or is a fellow musician in a band with fans of their own, that endorsement becomes incredibly valuable.

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Getting started on cash was an effective and bloggers don't have a pro bio, audio tape, and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band- The Front Porch Sessions! – Click here for press photos/kit Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band has built its reputation the long, slow, hard way. What Your Band’s Bio Needs to Include Every musician, whether new or old, just starting out or running the business, needs a bio.

It’s an integral part of how to promote your music and should be part of every music marketing plan. A band or artist biography doesn't have to be a complicated piece of writing. In fact, it's usually better to avoid overused cliches and flowery language.

Remember that . Writing a Band Bio for Your Website – Create an Artist Bio That Rocks!

writing a band bio

Creating an Effective Bio Disc Makers’ regular contributor Michael Gallant ’s debut trio album Completely received a four-star review from DownBeat magazine and a five-star review from Critical Jazz, .

Official website of Lawrence the Band. Lawrence is from New York City, and play mostly soul-pop music with some hints of funk, R&B, and rock and roll.

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