Writing business cards

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Writing business cards

By Carol Eannarino Writing greeting cards can be an easy way to earn extra cash. Note that the card has been coded F Obviously, there's money in the card business But who are those people? And how did they "break into" card-writing?

Well, as I've long since learned, most greeting card publishers rely on freelancers to supply most of their ideas When I found out how good the pay was, I immediately decided that I met both requirements. Quite possibly you do, too. I don't know anyone who's become rich — or even comfortably well-to-do — as a freelance greeting card writer.

The money's not that good. The best money is in studios those long, slim cards that pack a humorous hello. Originally, the studios were aimed at a somewhat sophisticated audience, meaning that quite often the greetings were rather risque.

Nowadays, only a few companies actually solicit bawdy gags Some publishers read seasonal holiday ideas year round You can write to the various companies to learn their requirements. Really big outfits—like Hallmark? Continue Reading Another type of greeting — similar to the studio, but a bit smaller in size and more overt in its humor — is the humorous card.

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There's also a cute card, which is softer and more feminine in its approach than either the studio or the humorous. Sometimes, an editor at a large company may decide that your studio idea would be better as a humorous, in which case you'll probably be paid less. Frankly, I don't care how my ideas are classified as long as the checks keep rolling in.

Then there are the sentimental cards you know, those syrupy-sweet things your grandmother sends on your birthday.

writing business cards

Here, editors are looking for four, six, or eight-liners with rhyme and meter There are people who — whether they believe their rhymes or not — simply can't write this kind of card, try as they may.

I happen to belong to that group myself. The pay for sentimental verse is not so good But again, it varies. Writing for Greeting Card Companies If you think you'd like to try your hand at this unique craft, start by studying the cards at your local drugstore or gift shop.

These cards are your competition You'll notice that the most effective cards — regardless of what category they fall into — have a strong "me to you" or "us to you" message.

This is partly because many people — myself included — use greeting cards as substitutes for letters. You should strive, then, to give your ideas what card publishers like to call sendability.

If your gags or verses lack this quality, editors won't buy them no matter how funny or sentimental they are. Along the same lines, try to avoid the "direct slam" type of greeting, in which the card's recipient is made the butt of the joke.

The majority of card buyers are female and are likely to be turned off by insults and other similarly aggressive ideas. Keep your jabs gentle and good-natured. Bear in mind, too, that many cards are sent by couples. Try to avoid the I-me-my pronouns, if possible, and focus on the card's intended receiver the "you" in your messages.

Above all, remember that greeting card editors are experts in their field. Nothing will turn them off faster than hackneyed, stale ideas. And don't try "lifting" lines from one company's cards and selling them to another firm. These men and women read hundreds — perhaps thousands — of ideas every week, and can spot a "steal" a mile off.

That's what today's greeting cards are all about. Freelance Greeting Card Submissions In this business, as in any other, professionalism counts, and here's how to prepare your submissions as a pro would:Slinging business cards is simple when you’ve got networking events, trade shows, and conferences packed on your calendar.

But when you’re hunkered down at your desk getting work done, it’s not as easy to share your information with colleagues and potential clients. Unfortunately, business cards come in all shapes and sizes.

Stick to the standard shape and size for your country. There is some slight variation in business card dimensions based on country, in the United States and Canada the standard business card dimension is ″ by 2″. Shop customizable Writing business cards and choose your favorite template from thousands of available designs!

Make a business card that's as unique as your company, and give your customers a good impression. Writing Instruments. Premium Pens NEW Value Pens Get free professional designs created for business cards, postcards, a custom pen & more.

Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered. All-Occasion personal and business greeting cards cover an array of special occasions for both business and personal use. Acknowledge a birthday, anniversary, or express thanks to a client or associate, the Gallery Collection has you covered with suitable designs for any occasion.

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writing business cards
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